Street Machine Magazine February 2024

Street Machine Magazine February 2024

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THE February 2024 issue of Street Machine is on sale now, with Rob De Sciscio’s epic twin-turbo LC Torana occupying the front cover. With Street Machine Summernats Top 10 credentials, a heavily boosted 440ci Dart LS making 1250rwhp, and the very real potential for seven-second timecards, there’s nothing this stunning Torry can’t do and do well.

For the Mopar faithful, Theo Diamond’s mega-tough Charger makes 1400hp at the bags the old-fashioned way – with a carby! Blow-through turbo set-ups might seem like old-world technology to some, but Theo has utilised his to great effect, coaxing bottom eight-second passes out of the small-block Mopar-powered monster.

Street Machine Summernats 36 was an absolute belter – the biggest Summernats ever, in fact. We’ve dedicated 28 pages of the February issue to Australia’s Biggest Horsepower Party, covering everything from the elite hall superstars to the Burnout Masters, dyno-melting monsters, weird and wonderful cruisers and everything in between.

Shane Serret’s HG wagon is one bad customer, powered by a 434ci LS topped with a 12/71 Mooneyham pump and towering injector hat. Subtle by comparison but still suitably tough, ‘Methanol’ Mike Bowden’s 25th Anniversary XF Falcon retains a factory vibe bolstered by a pro street stance and turbo Barra power.

We first laid eyes on Bryce McCabe’s XR Falcon when he entered the 2023 Young Street Machine of the Year award, and were so impressed with it that we revisited it for a full feature this issue. Packing a staunch tunnel-rammed Clevo and slung low over 275-wide drag radials, it’s a properly tough street car.

Joel Smith’s home-built HQ Holden is a timeless offering, with a carby-fed 355ci stroker Holden, fat Simmons B45s and stunning build quality. Joel pedalled it with great intent and enthusiasm at Summernats 36, and managed to take out the coveted Street Champion gong.

The 80s were a wild time Down Under, so much so that transcontinental street races were a thing. This ZF Fairlane was built with the express purpose of competing in the 1984 Cannonball Cup, and ‘Deni’ Dave Downie has revived the blown beastie and returned it to as-run condition. It’s such an awesome time capsule! 

You’ll find all this, plus a look at the iconic HQFORU giveaway car, Jack Mill’s epic SWIFTY burnout weapon, Nev Shears’s retro-inspired XD pano, and so much more in the February 2024 issue of Street Machine, on sale now!