Street Machine Magazine June 2024

Street Machine Magazine June 2024

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THE June 2024 issue of Street Machine is on sale now, and it’s brimming with V8-powered good times!

Headlining this issue is an incredible pro touring XB coupe, built by the legends at Rides By Kam for none other than Supercars superstar Cam Waters. Powered by a screaming Supercars-inspired Windsor stroker sporting plenty of genuine FPR/Tickford Racing unobtanium, the hardtop was one of the stars of the show at the recent Meguiar’s MotorEx event.

Speaking of MotorEx, we have bulk coverage from Australia’s most prestigious indoor car show in this issue, too! Check out all the new metal that was unveiled at the event, as well as who took out all the big awards.

Garry Rosser’s HQ One Tonner is unapologetically old-school, with blown Holden V8 power and a WB Statesman front end. It’s exquisitely finished, however, with the chops to make the Top 20 at Street Machine Summernats.

Peak American muscle car is a ’68 Dodge Charger with a blown Keith Black Hemi, and Jye Core’s example is a 1200hp monster, refined for street use.

We head along to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge, where a rich tapestry of genuine street cars go head-to-head to determine Australia’s most versatile genuine streeter.

Aaron Gregory’s HR pano is evil incarnate, with 1800rwhp of twin-turbo LS on board. Built to kick arse and take names at no-prep events, it is properly, properly fast.

Rolling with the van theme, SM’s resident panel van tragic, Simon Major, gets along to the 49th annual Van Nationals and reports back on what’s happening in the world of shaggin’ wagons.

Darren Whyte took a tired 90s streeter and breathed new life into it. A timeless, beautiful, big block-powered XT ute is the result.

When you step away from racing 195mph Pro Stock cars, life seems kinda slow. Bruno Cavallo’s solution was this blown HK GTS Monaro streeter with LSA power.

Paul Butler’s Gemini might look unassuming, but with a screaming SR20 up front and a big old set of 325 radials out back, it’s built to hurt feelings.

Our Mill of the Month this issue is a belter. Australia’s quickest small-block Ford-powered car is set to get even quicker, with BK Race Engines having overhauled and further improved its 2000-plus horsepower turbo 403ci Windsor.