Street Machine Magazine Yearbook 2023

Street Machine Magazine Yearbook 2023

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If some is good then more must be better, right? This 615ci, 1050hp Sonny’s-powered LX hatch certainly seems to suggest so! With grunt to spare, killer fab work and a retro pro street vibe, it is our cover star for the 2023 Street Machine Yearbook.

Holden fans will also enjoy SINNER – Joel Sykes’s monster blown and injected big-block HG Kingswood – which is built to destroy tyres. Packing no less than 2000hp worth of methanol-fuelled madness, it’s also finished to an exacting standard.

Josh Stewart’s VL, on the other hand, is every inch the street car. Josh is a legend who managed to see the project through to completion from a wheelchair while navigating multiple sclerosis, and his VL is powered by a Warspeed-fettled LSA, rolls on big billets, and sports a schmick custom interior.

For the Ford fans, Chris Frankling’s Summernats Elite Hall XR Falcon is certain to impress. With a host of sympathetic body mods and a howling Clevor in the engine bay, it is as tough as it is pretty. Tony Di Biagio’s Drag Challenge-conquering XY, meanwhile, is all about going fast in a straight line. The owner-built, all-motor small-block Ford has already powered the car deep into the nines.

And as far as genuine showpieces go, they don’t come much better than Mike Davison’s Pat’s Pro Restos-built ’54 Chevy – what a stunner!

We’ll also head Stateside for the annual SEMA Show, and check out the most epic drag-and-drive event of all time – the aptly named Death Week. You’ll also find a beaut tech yarn on AN fittings, plus all your favourite regulars and much more!