Street Machine Magazine May 2023

Street Machine Magazine May 2023

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First up in the Street Machine May 2023 issue is Brett Hewerdine’s genre-busting ’49 Ford single-spinner. Brett’s example, built by the wizards at ProFlo Performance, is a bit peppier than most, with a nasty blown and injected 589-cube big-block up front.

Greg Eslick’s LS3-powered HQ coupe is an Elite-level stunner with exquisite body and paint; one that’s continued to evolve since it debuted at Summernats 32. Likewise, Mike Roycroft’s VJ Valiant has never stopped changing since he bought it back in 2009, now sporting a 470ci Indy Maxx Hemi V8 topped by a 14/71 blower.

Next up is an LC Torana coupe, built almost by accident by Melbourne bloke Kris Velkovski. Kris was midway through a rebuild on his iconic RB-powered CGMFLY Torana when he came across another car for sale as a painted roller. He purchased the shell, inserted the RB and Trimatic he’d already prepared for the other car, then took it to Summernats 35, enjoyed the hell out of it and won some tinware in the process.

We don’t see enough Coyote swaps Down Under, so it’s great to see Ossie Fish’s dead-smooth XW Falcon packing a highly sought-after, Aussie-fettled blown Miami variant. With a six-speed manual and engineered to corner, this is one epic street car.

Nick Samuel’s VL Calais follows a much more familiar LS-in-early-Commodore recipe, but the devil is in the details. That and the 1000hp, Harrop-blown, Warspeed-built lump beneath the bonnet!

For the small Ford fans, Adam Smith’s Mk1 Escort is powered by a screaming ITB-clad Duratec four-banger. It’s one of those ‘the more you look, the more you see’ cars for sure.

We’ve also got all the action from the epic event that is Rockynats, as well as the perennially huge Geelong All Ford Day.

Not to mention a cool weekend Falcon build from one of our West Aussie contributors, Chad Atkinson.

All in all, it’s not one to be missed!