Street Machine Magazine  July 2023

Street Machine Magazine July 2023

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Cutting flawless lines across the cover is Craig McKenzie’s stunning ex-Ditch Jones HR Holden ute. The show-car resurrection maestro has added some modern flair to this icon, and there’s artful work everywhere you look.

Next up is Simon Andrus’s tough-as nails, Summernats-unveiled XB sedan streeter, which epitomises Geelong cool.

Rocky Sarkis has gone full retrotech with his peachy LH Torana, with turbo 388ci Dart LS shove up front.

Turn the page and you’ll find one of the toughest-looking CL Chargers out there, courtesy of Russ Scougall. And thanks to the 440-cube Mopar R3 and twin 35/82s under the bonnet, it’s destined for eights!

Mark Attard is living his childhood dreams with his angry 582ci HJ sedan, while Rob Herrington’s blacked-out XY brings 800hp of aspo grunt to the table.

And for a total left turn, check out Dutchy Holland’s epic WRX-swapped Mini, for engineering up to the eyeballs and go-kart handling!

We also crown our second-ever Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year, Grant Azzopardi’s rad Barra-motivated ’48 Anglia van, and carry on the white-box theme with Dylan Matwijow’s mega-sleepy twin-turbo LS iLoad van.

There’s also a Drag Challenge-ready LS-swapped AP5 Valiant, a sweet farm-fresh HZ ute running 12s with a 17-year-old behind the wheel in Young Guns, and Nicole Jaggs’s Rockynats Grand Champ-contender LH Torara as our Iron Maiden.

On top of all that, you’ll find the reliably awesome Sydney Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo, a great yarn on the famed American Autos store, an illuminating dive into all things LS family by Iain Kelly, and even a 1000hp, all-motor 605-cube Hemi!